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Double Your Chances of Passing

Don’t leave it to chance.

What if we told you that you have better odds of winning a coin toss than passing the CPNE your first time? It’s true...

The current national pass rate for the CPNE (as published by Excelsior College) is an abysmal 61%.

That’s scary, and when it comes to the CPNE, fear and anxiety are your biggest enemies. If passing the CPNE is high on your priority list, and we’re assuming it is, we know we can help you.

Join our 97% pass rate and increase your chances of passing by 36%.

Over 6,000 Successful Testers

And we want you to be one of them. 

We know what you’re going through studying for the CPNE. We know it’s stressful, overwhelming and life consuming. The good news is, we also know exactly what it takes to help you pass the CPNE and we’ve proven it over 6,000 times.

We’ve helped people from all over the world study for it and with our proven track record you can rest assured you will be under the guidance and support of a stellar workshop that far surpasses anything else available in the nation. So if you want to put the CPNE behind you, we’ve got a proven road map to help you get there.

A Step-By-Step Road Map

Pull back the curtain on what it really takes to pass the first time.

Join us in Atlanta, Georgia for one of our 3-day hands-on workshops. Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on learning our team of expert instructors will walk you through every aspect of your clinical weekend so you can be sure when you go to test there will be no surprises and you’ll do it with confidence.

Your workshop will be an intensive learning weekend but we also promise it will be a lot of fun. (Who said there was anything wrong with having a bit a lot of fun while you learn?) Your workshop won’t just be something that will help you pass your first time but will also be be an experience you’ll never forget. Always guaranteed to be compliant with the current EC edition guidelines, we promise you’ll will learn everything you need to know to pass the CPNE.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn...

  • How to prepare effectively for the CPNE
  • How the CPNE works
  • Knowing about the PCS
  • All about the PCS Recording form and how to fill it out
  • How to prepare for the PCS
  • Effective time management
  • Elements of the care plan
  • Approved NANDA labels for a proper care plan
  • Examples of various care plans
  • How to effectively write your own careplan
  • Understanding the phases of the nursing process
  • Your role during report time
  • Comprehending the Kardex
  • Understanding aspects of wound care
  • How to perform wound care skills accurately
  • Understanding IV infusions, pushes and maintenance
  • Effectively perform skills regarding IVs
  • Be able to compute drug calculations
  • Principles of verification with med administration
  • Ample practice time on your lab stations
  • Thought provoking question and answer sessions
  • Plus much, much more!

Trust Sheri Taylor and Greg Edwards

Sheri Taylor, RN-C, MSN

Sheri has an unparalleled passion for teaching that she has used to help thousands of Excelsior College students through their nursing concepts, CPNE and NCLEX with a stellar pass rate. With 24 years as a nurse her accomplished career boasts such accolades as: Assistant Director, Director, Clinical Coordinator, and Transport Coordinator. For ten years she was an educator with The American Heart Association in BLS, PALS, NRP, and ACLS as well as a S.T.A.B.L.E. instructor. She has served on multiple committees for JCAHO: policies and procedures, infectious diseases, & quality assurance. Sheri has also been nominated as Nurse of the Year by both Southern Regional Medical Center and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She holds her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and her Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Read more about Sheri Taylor
  • Sheri has authored or co-authored several books and her articles have appeared in several well respected nursing publications. More importantly though, her students always say they started their class with an instructor, but ended it with a friend that is willing to bend over backward to make sure they reach their goals. Although teaching is Sheri’s passion, she continues to work as a nurse in the field and has had the pleasure of traveling all over the United States.  Her first love in nursing is caring for children from birth to 18 years old and she holds national certifications in Neonatal Intensive Care, Low Risk Neonatal, and Maternal Newborn. She enjoys specializing in NICU, PICU, Peds, Peds ER, Peds Psych (particularly autism), and Peds Oncology. She has been lucky enough to work in these specialities at some of the best children’s hospitals in the southeast: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Scottish Rite, Eggleston, and Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital) and St. Jude’s. Other affiliations include: National Association of Neonatal Nurses Georgia Association of Neonatal Nurses American Nursing Association National Association of Professional Women Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Cambridge Who’s Who Among Professionals National Nurses in Business Association

Greg Edwards, MSN, EMT-P

Greg Edwards is an RN, paramedic, former fitness instructor, and has been teaching in one capacity or another for over twenty years. He holds multiple certifications in Emergency Medicine: Basic Life Support Instructor, Advance Cardiac Life Support instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor, Advance Medical Life Support Instructor, National Professional Qualification Level Two instructor and Georgia Smoke Diver Instructor. Greg is a gifted and engaging teacher as well as a top quality nurse. His students rave about his wit, dedication, and commitment to their success. He is a graduate of Excelsior College, an alumnus of Sheri’s workshop and boasts 23 years on the College Park Fire Department, where he is currently Battalion Chief.  Greg earned his master’s degree in nurse management/leadership in March of 2017.

Read more about Greg Edwards
  • Additionally, Greg has held certifications in fitness instruction from the American Council on Exercise, as well as the American College of Sports Medicine. He established a business as a fitness consultant where he trained professional athletes such as golfers, race car drivers, and football players. Greg specialized in obese and special population clients such as diabetics and hypertension patients. Greg’s medical knowledge and his acute awareness of bio-mechanics created a unique opportunity to excel in his industry. In 2003 Greg decided to leave the fitness industry to take on the position of EMS coordinator and EMS training officer for the College Park Fire Department. During this time he cultivated relationships with individuals in the pre-hospital and hospital environments. Through these relationships Greg developed the desire to become a Registered Nurse and in February 2008 he enrolled at Excelsior College. With only six hours of transferable credits, Greg breezed through the entire bridge program in just fifteen months but hit a standstill after failing the CPNE® after his first attempt. Deciding that failing the CPNE® again wasn’t an option he attended Sheri Taylor’s workshop, which cultivated two great outcomes: not only did Greg pass his CPNE® in September of 2009 but he also realized that he had a place in Sheri’s workshop helping future CPNE® test takers. Greg ascribes to the philosophy that book knowledge alone will not prepare anyone for the rigors of taking the CPNE® and he strives to pass along everything he knows about the test.  They say sometimes the best way to learn is from your mistakes, but Greg prefers to teach students to learn from his mistakes.  Greg completed his Masters of Nursing in January of 2017

Upcoming Workshops

PriceStart DateEnd DateClass TimesLocationAvailability
$697.00January 15, 2021January 17, 20219am - 5pmAtlanta
$697.00February 5, 2021February 7, 20219am - 5pmAtlanta
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If we can’t help you pass we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back!

Just a black and white money back guarantee that we can help you pass.

We want you to know how confident we are in what we can do for you so we promise that if we don’t hold up  our end of the bargain and help you pass, we’ll give you double your money back! (FYI, in over 16 years and thousands (and thousands!) of students there has never been a single student in the EC program that we couldn’t help pass the CPNE. FACT!) So here it is. Our guarantee...

4 ways we take ALL the risk out of taking our workshop.

bigstock----SATISFACTION-guaranteed-g-41462209+(1)_clipped_rev_11.Money Back on Day 1.  Come to our workshop and if after the first day you decide that our workshop isn’t for you, we will refund all the money you paid for the workshop and part ways as friends.  No hard feelings.

2. Free Workshop Retake.  Within 6 months after our workshop, if you take and do not pass the CPNE we will reserve a free seat in an upcoming workshop of your choice where you will receive intense personal attention to address your weaknesses.

3. Free Mock Check Off.  After attending your workshop retake with us you are invited to take an optional free mock check off where you will run through the skills stations and patient care scenarios just as if you were taking the actual CPNE.

4. Double Your Money Back.  Within 6 months following your workshop retake with us if you fail the CPNE a second time we will give you back double your money that you paid to attend your initial workshop.

Looking for the fine print?  There is none!  Those are all the terms of our double money back guarantee.  Like we said, no red tape.

Plus we’ll sweeten the deal with over $400 of FREE Bonuses when you sign up today!

Sign up today and get these invaluable resources to help you pass.

ATL Workshop CPNE Study Guide

Feeling overwhelmed with your EC study guide? Don’t worry. Our study guide will become your easy to follow, ultimate survival guide for the CPNE.

By getting straight to the point on what, and how, you need to be studying, our CPNE study guide will minimize your study time and maximize your information retention.

* This is a hard-copy guide that will be distributed on the first day of your workshop.


Study Hacks for the CPNE

Studying for the CPNE is overwhelming, to say the least. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist PDF guide on how to study the right way.

Wether you’re just getting started or you’re feeling lost in your studies, this will put you on the right study track and make studying feel a lot less overwhelming.

* This is a PDF ebook that will be emailed to you instantly when you reserve your seat.


Careplan Crash Course

Need help with writing your careplans? This is a guided course with over 40 careplans that will be critiqued for you after you leave the workshop.

This at-home course gives you a chance to have your careplans meticulously critiqued before you test. You’ll break bad habits, work on your weaknesses and learn how to write a bullet proof careplan.

* This is a PDF course that will be emailed to you after the last day of your workshop.


This Workshop is for You If...

  • You want a step-by-step action plan to pass...

    … so you can take the uncertainty out what to study for the CPNE.

  • You want a support team to hold your hand...

    … so you can rely on ongoing coaching to answer any questions.

  • You want to shortcut your way to success...

    … so you can spend more time with your family and less time studying.

  • You want to build your confidence in testing...

    … so when you do go to test you’ll do it without fear or anxiety of the unknown.

  • You want to learn how to pass the CPNE...

    … so you can save thousands of dollars by passing it your first, and only, time.

  • You want to finally be a graduate nurse...

    … so you can move on with your new RN career and start earning more money.

Recap of What You Get...

  • A reserved seat in your chosen 3-day workshop, including all practice supplies (A $697 Value)
  • A hard copy of our CPNE Study Guide (A $67 Value)
  • An instant copy of our Study Hacks for the CPNE ebook (A $27 Value)
  • A copy of our Careplan Crash Course after your workshop with critiques (A $297 Value)
  • Instant phone access to your instructors for support and guidance before your workshop
  • Ongoing support and training after your workshop all the way until you pass
  • A double money back guarantee to give yourself peace of mind that the risk is on us

That’s over $1,000 worth of CPNE study gear that you’ll

get for just $697 when you enroll today!

(And thats over a $2,500 savings on not having to take the CPNE a second time!)

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We are 100% confident there is no one we can’t turn into a CPNE success story. We consistently have the nation’s highest pass rate for a reason and we want you to be part of that pass rate. We know you make smart decisions. Let us be the next smart decision you make.

Reserving your seat is fast, easy and 100% secure.

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P.S.- Once you successfully reserve your seat you will get an instant receipt confirming your registration and shortly after a PDF confirmation letter with everything you need to know about your upcoming workshop, including important contact numbers, directions, hotel information and discount codes plus everything you should do to prepare for your workshop.

P.P.S.- Don’t worry, we have a cancelation policy. If you change your mind within 72 hours of signing up we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money. Just be sure to send us an email at before the end of your 72 hour cancelation period.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhere is the workshop located?

    Since 2004 our workshop has been conveniently located on the north side of Atlanta in the George Town Lofts building. Our physical address is 4470 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, STE 340, Atlanta, GA 30338. We are very easily accessible via public transport from the Heartsfiled-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and we have arranged transport from the train station to our recommended hotel if you plan on doing the trip without renting a car.

  • q-iconHow long is the workshop and what is the cost?

    The workshop is 3 days and runs once every month on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The official hours are from 9am to 5pm but we will be more than happy to stay late on any of the days to help you get extra hands-on practice or one-on-one attention. The workshop cost is $697 and is all inclusive of everything you will need to be successful during your workshop weekend.

  • q-iconWhat is the size of the workshop?

    We always keep our workshops small enough that you will get plenty of hands-on practice and one-on-one attention to meet your individual needs. Our workshops stay around a 12 to 1 student to instructor ratio. And because we have multiple classrooms and labs that are fully equipped with the same training mannequins you will be testing on, you are free to break off and practice on one our many simulation stations on your own. You will definitely get as much hands- on practice as you would like during your workshop weekend.

  • q-iconWhen should I take a workshop?

    We always recommend to take your workshop around 3 months before your test date. That gives you ample time to study and break any bad habits you may have formed by studying at home and reinforce proper techniques you learned at the workshop. We do, however, have many students that attend before they have a testing date so it’s not necessary to wait until you are assigned a test date to attend your workshop. It’s really personal preference.

  • q-iconWhat’s included in the workshop?

    Our workshop is truly all inclusive. Not only will all of your instruction and supplies be included but you will also receive a hardcopy of our CPNE Study Guide, a hard copy of the CPNE Workshop Supplemental Handbook, the Study Hacks for the CPNE ebook, the Careplan Crash Course and as much ongoing support as you need. There is nothing else you will need to buy to get the most out of your hands-on workshop.

  • q-iconWill I have support after the workshop?

    Definitely! And lots of it. Not only will you have direct access to your instructors all the way until you test, you will also leave the workshop with our Careplan Crash Course that includes 40 careplan assignments that you will submit back for critiquing. The training and support you receive from our workshop goes well beyond the three days you will be in the hands-on workshop. We’ll be there for you for as long as you need us. You won’t find another workshop with our level of commitment to students after the workshop.

  • q-iconWho are the instructors?

    The workshops are taught by Sheri Taylor, RN, BSN and Greg Edwards, RN, EMP-P. Sheri Taylor has been teaching Excelsior College students since 2004 and Greg Edwards, an Excelsior graduate has been teaching the workshop since 2006. Both are responsible for helping thousands of nurses pass the CPNE with a 97% pass rate.

  • q-iconHow can you guarantee we will pass?

    We are so confident that we can help you pass that we are offering you a money back guarantee. We are guaranteeing that if we can not help you pass we will give back 200% of what you paid to take the workshop. We are the only workshop that has enough confidence in what we do to be able to offer such a guarantee. Other workshops claim you can’t offer a guarantee. Sure we can. And we do. The question is, why can’t they?

  • q-iconWill you really honor the money back guarantee?

    Absolutely. Our reputation is very important to us but more importantly, it’s important to us that you pass. We wouldn’t promise something that we couldn’t back up. If you don’t pass after coming to the our workshop we will reserve you a free seat in another workshop to give you specialized attention on your weaknesses. If you fail the CPNE time after taking our workshop again we will give you back double your money. End of. No red tape.

  • q-iconHow do I get to the workshop?

    Of course you have the option of renting a car but we have arranged it so you can do the entire trip without a car. From inside the Atlanta Airport you can take MARTA (the train) to the Chamblee Station. There are no train changes and the ride is only about 40 minutes and costs around $4.00. If you are staying at our recommended hotel we have arranged special transportation for to get to the hotel as well to and from the workshop throughout the weekend. All of this information will be provided to you in your confirmation letter that will be emailed to you after you reserve your seat.

  • q-iconWhere do I stay when I come to the workshop?

    Our recommended hotel is the Sonesta ES Suites. We have arranged a special discount for you of $94 for a queen suite, $97 for a king suite or $126 for a two bedroom suite. Each “room” is actually like an apartment with a full kitchen and a living room. The hotel is less than a 3 minute drive from the workshop and we have arranged transportation for you if you don’t plan on getting a car. Discount codes will be provided to you in your confirmation letter that will be emailed to you after you reserve your seat.

  • q-iconDo you have a cancelation period?

    Yes, we do. You can go ahead and reserve your seat today, risk free, and if you change your mind within 72 hours we will be glad to refund all your money, no questions asked. All you’ll need to do is notify us by email at within 72 hours of reserving your seat. After the 72 hours there is no refund available.

Disclaimer: ATL Clinical Workshop is a private training company and is not affiliated with Excelsior College.    The purpose of our workshops is to prepare EC students to pass the CPNE and no college credit will be earned for attending either our online or hands-on workshop.

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