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Medical nurse / doctor boxing challenge concept image. Young nurStop letting the stress of your clinical weekend take over your life and put it behind you once and for all. Through an unsurpassed level of commitment, support and ongoing training we’ll help you overcome your weaknesses and anxieties with our proven, step-by-step approach to passing the CPNE® your first time.

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We’ve helped over 6,000 students pass the CPNE® and we know, without a doubt, that if you put your trust in ATL Clinical Workshop and our 97% pass rate (compared to a national pass rate of just 61%), you’ll be in the best possible hands to put the CPNE® behind you once and for all.

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Customer Testimonials

"I would NOT have passed on my first try without Sheri and Greg! I am a VERY happy ER nurse and I get a big kick out of every time I get a new patient and say “Hi, I’m Herb, one of the NURSES here in the ER and I’ll be taking care of you."
-- Herb Ingram

"I did both the in person and online workshop. It is the reason I passed, no doubt. Out of 5 on my weekend, I only know of 2 that passed including me and both of us took Sheri’s workshop. Sheri and Greg are awesome and their track record speaks for itself. Thanks again – I owe you big time!"
-- Lisa Kester

“I’m glad I came to the CPNE® workshop. It helped me to focus on what I need to study. I just need to go home and practice what I have learned from here with Sheri who will help me for sure until my CPNE®.”
-–Myung Thomas

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