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How to Create CPNE® Mnemonics to Recall Critical Elements

S.M.A.R.T.S. Studying mnemonics always renders testers successful! When it comes to the CPNE®® there is a lot of information to know so it helps to use some memory tricks to make the learning process more manageable. A mnemonic is a memory aid that creates association between elements on a list. For the CPNE®®, your “lists”…

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20 Free Videos to Help You Pass the CPNE®

Here are 20 video tips we have put together to help you pass the CPNE®.  We’ve also included the transcripts below each video so you can read the important points you should study.  We hope you enjoy them and use them on your journey to CPNE® success.  Best of luck to you.  As always, we’re…

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