Upcoming CPNE Workshops

Below are our scheduled hands-on CPNE workshops. We begin counting down seats in the “Availability” column when there are 5 seats or fewer remaining in that particular workshop. If the “Availability” column is empty it means that are greater than 5 seats remaining.

PriceStart DateEnd DateClass TimesLocationAvailability
$597.00October 12, 2018October 14, 20189am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00November 9, 2018November 11, 20189am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00December 7, 2018December 9, 20189am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00January 18, 2019January 20, 20199am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00February 15, 2019February 17, 20199am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00March 15, 2019March 17, 20199am - 5pmAtlanta
$597.00April 12, 21019April 14, 210199am - 5pmAtlanta

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Disclaimer: ATL Clinical Workshop is a private training company and is not affiliated with Excelsior College.    The purpose of our workshops is to prepare EC students to pass the CPNE and no college credit will be earned for attending either our online or hands-on workshop.

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